Reliable Force Measurements for Agriculture Equipment

From small-town farming, to large industrial agriculture, farmers rely on their robust machinery to keep up with production demands. Any equipment downtime can be detrimental to farmers big and small. Thus, farmers trust that their equipment manufacturers have put their designs through rigorous testing and validation procedures. This is where Michigan Scientific Corporation (MSC) instrumentation comes into play.

With so many expansive product lines, Michigan Scientific instrumentation is used in countless applications for farming and agriculture equipment. From standard transducers and signal transmission equipment, to custom solutions, MSC has measuring devices for almost any force, strain, or torque testing. Backed by decades of reliable design and manufacturing, MSC instrumentation is robust enough to withstand the rigorous testing that is required for tractors, plows, sorters, and sprayers alike. 

Standard Transducers

Michigan Scientific has a wide variety of transducers and force measurement devices. These off-the-shelf solutions include Load Cells, Wheel Force Transducers (WFT), Wheel Torque Transducers (TW), all with a large range of capacities, as well as the specialized PTO (Power Take Off) Transducer.

Force Measurements

Wheel Force Transducer on a Tractor

Rugged WFTs can withstand even the most brutal durability testing.

MSC is proud to manufacture one of the widest range of capacities of Wheel Force Transducers. These rugged and reliable devices measure all wheel forces and moments and are strong enough to provide accurate measurements on large farming equipment and heavy duty construction vehicles. The largest capacity WFTs have radial load capacities ranging from 50,000 lb to 100,000 lb and can adapt to 22.5″ and larger wheels. They are often used for agriculture vehicle durability testing as well as vehicle dynamics and handling testing. 

Another one of the most versatile transducers that MSC offers is the Load Cell. With many different sizes and envelopes, MSC Load Cells have capacities ranging from 250 lb to 100,000 lb, allowing these transducers can be used in a wide array of applications. MSC Load Cells are available in three, five, and six axis varieties for combinations of force and moment measurements. One common use of Load Cells in agriculture equipment testing is measuring rotor blade forces. 

Torque Measurements

Power Take Off PTO Transducer

The PTO Transducer is ideal for tractor transmission development.

Similar to WFTs, Michigan Scientific Wheel Torque Transducers also have the ability to provide accurate measurements on farming and agriculture vehicles. They are ideal for measuring drive and braking torque for vehicle development. Even when it comes to tractors, it is important for manufacturers to know that they are receiving accurate data for developing brake systems, vehicle stability, and driveline development. 

One of the newest torque measurement devices that MSC offers is the PTO Telemetry Transducer. This transducer is designed to sense the torque and speed of a PTO shaft of a tractor with integrated telemetry to transmit strain gauge signals. It fits all standard spline types and has the rugged construction required for agriculture equipment testing. The PTO Transducer is ideal for monitoring PTO shaft power for efficiency measurement and analysis, crucial for developing a tractor’s transmission. 

Custom Measurements

In addition to a wide variety of standard transducers, Michigan Scientific also specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom transducers and measurement solutions. If customers need a measurement that is not easily performed using off-the-shelf transducers, MSC engineers are eager to create a custom solution. With extensive experience in strain gauge services and creating custom packaging, MSC can create a reliable and accurate measurement system for many different types of equipment. Past agriculture applications include custom instrumentation of a clutch, internal gauging of a gearbox, creating a pulley or gear transducer from customer components, torque measurements with signal transmission using telemetry or tubular slip ring assemblies, and many more. Michigan Scientific has even developed a method to detect cracks in an egg, egg weight, and then sort the eggs accordingly. 

If you are interested in learning more about how Michigan Scientific instrumentation can aid in the development of agriculture equipment, contact a representative today.