Vehicle Instrumentation

Michigan Scientific provides full vehicle instrumentation, data acquisition, and testing services, in addition to providing instrumentation equipment rental.

Vehicle Instrumentation and Data Collection


Michigan Scientific offers full or partial vehicle instrumentation, data recording, and testing services.  With extensive experience in instrumenting and testing vehicles for wheel forces, acceleration, displacements, temperature, GPS speed/location, and strain, Michigan Scientific has the expertise to provide customers with the high quality data they require.



Wheel Force Transducer Rental

Wheel Force Transducer on Electric Vehicle

In addition to vehicle instrumentation, Michigan Scientific offers a full line of Wheel Force Transducers (WFT) and adapters for rental.  All WFTs include both CAN and Analog signal outputs.  With a current offering of ten car, SUV, light truck WFTs and twelve truck model WFTs available for rental, this large rental inventory allows for good availability and turn-around times for customers.




Data Acquisition Rental


eDAQ-XR and eDAQ-lite data acquisition systems are available for rent from Michigan Scientific on weekly basis. The eDAQ-XR has 48 High level signal inputs, 32 Bridge level signal inputs, and 3 CAN port inputs along with an extremely fast processor.




Additional Sensor Rental

In addition to WFT and data acquisition, Michigan Scientific also provides rental options for wheel torque transducers, high resolution wheel torque transducers, multi-axis load cells, and accelerometers. 

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