Wheel Torque Transducers

Michigan Scientific Wheel Torque Transducers are ideal for measuring wheel torque on passenger cars, light and medium duty trucks, Class 8 trucks, agriculture equipment, and construction equipment.


Michigan Scientific Corporation designs and manufactures highly sensitive Wheel Torque Transducers to measure drive and braking torque. The transducers are attached to adapters that duplicate the critical dimensions of the original rim and hub. Due to the high strength material and weatherproof sealing, the transducers can be used under normal driving conditions. Precision transducers are useful for gathering data in brake systems, vehicle stability, and driveline development.

With Michigan Scientific High Resolution Wheel Torque Transducers it is possible to measure aerodynamic drag, brake drag, tire rolling resistance, and bearing seal drag in on road testing. Model TW12.8HRMS175 can be used to test cars and SUVs and resolves 0.1 N-m, while model TWHR2000 can be used to test commercial trucks and resolves 0.8 N-m. High Resolution Wheel Torque Transducers are commonly used for on-road measurement of chassis system losses which influence fuel economy. It is the ideal tool for fuel regulation testing.



Wheel Torque Transducer Brochure

Wheel Torque Transducer Brochure ...


Standard Models

High Resolution Models

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