Q. Where’s the Price List?

A. We do not keep our prices on our web site. Please contact us for a price list.

Q. Do you have representatives in countries other than the USA ?

A. Yes, in some countries we do. Please contact us for more information.

Q. How do I get a catalog of your products?

A. We now have our full catalog updated and online in PDF format.

Q. Can slip ring assemblies be used with strain gage circuits?

A. Yes, this is one of the most popular applications for the slip ring assemblies we manufacture. Our assemblies can be used very effectively in strain gage circuits as long as certain factors are taken into consideration. See technical note 101.

Q. Can slip ring assemblies be used with thermocouples?

A. Yes. This is one application for the slip ring assemblies we manufacture. See technical note 102.

Q. Do you make mercury slip ring assemblies?

A. No, we do not make mercury slip ring assemblies. The use of mercury slip ring assemblies is not a good idea for many applications and not allowed for others. Our slip ring assemblies use precious metal rings and brushes instead of mercury. Many of the operational specifications of our units are similar to, or exceed, those of mercury slip ring assemblies, making them an ideal substitute in applications where a high quality unit is required.

Q. Do you make power type slip ring assemblies?

A. No. MSC specializes in instrumentation type slip ring assemblies. For customers who require slip ring assemblies that contain both signal and power connections we often work with a power slip ring manufacturer to provide a hybrid unit that is a combination of our product and theirs.

Q. Do you make assemblies designed for use with industrial automation?

A. Yes. Our slip ring assemblies are well suited for this type of application. They have been tested by Allen-Bradley for use with their DeviceNet and ControlNet systems. The results of this testing is used as a standard of comparison to compare other assemblies to determine compatibility. A good source of information on these systems is the Open DeviceNet’s Vendor Association (ODVA) website. The following link will take you to their homepage.The discussion of the use of slip ring assemblies with A-B products by Bob Lounsbury can be found at the following link.

Q. A typical slip ring adapter is shown in your literature for the S and SR Series Slip Ring Assemblies. Is this adapter necessary for installing the slip ring assembly?

A. No, it is not required. The adapter is usually only necessary if the rotating surface is smaller in diameter than the slip ring assembly rotor and/or if machining tools or services is not readily available to the individual setting up the application. It is usually best to mount directly to the rotating surface if possible. The use of adapters increases the chances of having tolerances stack up.


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