Model TW-2T-50K Wheel Torque Transducer


  • 50,000 lb-ft capacity
  • Adapts to 19.5” and larger wheels
  • Environmentally protected
  • Temperature compensated
  • Rugged stainless steel construction
  • Consistent sensitivity among all units
  • Configured to reduce magnetic sensitivity


Michigan Scientific’s TW-2T-50K Wheel Torque Transducers are ideal for measuring wheel torque on Class 8 trucks, agricultural equipment, and construction equipment. Designed to attach to adapters that simulate production wheel rims, these units provide one channel of torque data.

For each model, the adapter system is fabricated by generating a profile of the original wheel rim and designing a hub adapter and rim adapter that duplicate the critical dimensions of the original rim. The hub adapter fastens to the interior bolt circle of the torque transducer, and the rim adapter fastens to the exterior bolt circle. The versatility of this system allows the torque transducer to be used with various wheel rim designs.

Both the torque and combined steer/camber moment load ratings of the TW-2T-50K transducer are 50,000 lb-ft. High grade stainless steel material and weatherproof sealing combine to provide excellent resistance to corrosion and environmental conditions. Temperature compensation ensures stable output throughout a wide temperature range. In addition, all wires are precisely located to reduce sensitivity to magnetic effects.



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