Model TW9.5 Wheel Torque Transducer


  • 4000 lb-ft (5.4 kN-m) capacity
  • Adapts to 10 inch and larger wheels
  • Environmentally protected
  • Temperature compensated
  • Consistent sensitivity among all units
  • Configured to minimize magnetic sensitivity


Ideal for measuring wheel torque on ATVs, utility, turf-care and other light weight vehicles, the TW9.5 Wheel Torque Transducer provides one channel of torque data and is completely weatherproof.

It is designed to attach to adapters that duplicate the critical dimensions of the original rim and place the tire onto the production centerline. The hub adapter fastens to the interior bolt circle of the torque transducer and the rim adapter fastens to the outer bolt circle. The versatility of this system allows the torque transducer to be used with various wheel designs.

Weatherproof sealing provides excellent resistance to environmental conditions, and temperature compensation of the transducer ensures stable output throughout a wide temperature range. In addition, all wires are precisely located to reduce sensitivity to magnetic effects.



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