Vehicle Applications

The vast majority of Michigan Scientific’s products can be used in the Automotive Industry. From telemetry, wheel force transducers, fiber-optics, end of shaft slip rings, and tubular slip rings; our products are designed to provide optimal data collection from rotating components. Common usage examples include durability testing, suspension lab testing, brake development testing, traction studies, tire wear studies,  and speed and position testing.


    • Automobiles

Michigan Scientific Wheel Force Transducers provide a means to determine the forces and moments on the wheel of a car or bus while in operation. In addition to being able to measure the forces and moments on vehicles, MSC wheel load transducers have the ability to measure wheel speed and position, as well as braking force measurements, traction studies, and tire wear. It is important to be able to perform tests under a variety of normal driving conditions in order to achieve adequate results; this includes almost any environment from sand and mud to puddles and potholes. The wheel load transducers are can be adapted to fit any production wheel of standard vehicles.

    •  Motorcycles

Motorcycle with Wheel Force TransducerWheel Force Transducers are also often used on motorcycles. The model LW-MC-3.5K is used to measure three forces and three moments in the x, y, and z coordinates, as well as wheel position and speed. They are designed to fit any motorcycle wheel by making custom front and rear wheel and hub adapters.






Telemetry is also a popular option for obtaining measurements from rotating components on a vehicle. Our telemetry presents a way to collect data from a shaft or wheel within a vehicle without the use of wires.




Slip Ring Assemblies

If the use of wires is permitted in the application, slip rings also provide an excellent way to collect data. End of shaft slip rings can be mounted on the end of a shaft. For example, it can be mounted on the end of a shaft in the engine in order to measure strain, temperature, or other variables. A tubular slip ring is designed to mount over a shaft. This option is used when it is not ideal to use an end of shaft slip ring or in order to obtain results directly from the shaft. Weatherproof tubular slip rings are often coupled with an optional built-in strain gage amplifier and/or an optional 60 pulse/rev encoder.

It is important to note that Michigan Scientific can take a production shaft and apply gages, calibrate, mount the slip ring, and return the complete weatherproof assembly. The shaft is then ready to install and use.

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