Using Wheel Torque Transducers to Improve Efficiency

As the prices at the pump continue to climb, vehicle manufacturers are continuously pushed to strive for better efficiency and better fuel economy. Michigan Scientific’s High Resolution Wheel Torque Transducers allow vehicle engineers to reliably and accurately test vehicle efficiency. As governmental efficiency standards continue to increase, it becomes increasingly important to cut back on efficiency losses. To help accomplish these improvements, the Michigan Scientific Wheel Torque Transducers can aid in drawing conclusions that can allow engineers to make appropriate adjustments to existing configurations and designs.

How It Works


Michigan Scientific Wheel Torque Transducer Components

Michigan Scientific’s highly sensitive Wheel Torque Transducers are mounted to adapters that duplicate the critical dimensions of the existing rim and hub of a vehicle. The transducer measures aerodynamic drag, brake drag, tire rolling drag, and bearing seal drag. It gathers data that can be used in braking systems, vehicle stability, and driveline development. Results gathered from these on-road measurements of chassis system losses can influence fuel economy. Data from these tests are valuable in determining where energy is lost within the system, which allows for adjustments to be made to improve the efficiency of the system and the vehicle. Model TW12.8HRMS175 can be used to test cars and SUVs and resolves to 0.1 N-m. For commercial truck applications, the TWHR2000 resolves down to 0.8 N-m. This allows for highly accurate and precise data collection.

Michigan Scientific has the ability to design and manufacture custom adapters that duplicate the dimensions of a vehicle’s production rim and hub, ranging from passenger cars to class 8 trucks, and most everything in between. The Torque Wheel Transducer’s high strength, rugged construction, and weatherproof sealing allow for it to be used in normal on-road driving conditions. Precision strain gage and thermocouple amplifiers deliver the accuracy needed to deliver useful results. To ensure customers get the most out of our products, Michigan Scientific Torque Wheel Transducers come with a 3-year warranty, which will ensure future testing will be just as accurate. If you are interested in learning more about our High Resolution Torque Wheel Transducer, or any of our other products that allow you to make the most of your tests, contact a Michigan Scientific engineer today.