Durability Testing with Wheel Force Transducers

Michigan Scientific Wheel Force Transducer’s lightweight design, superior reliability, and rugged construction make them ideal for off-road, track, and lab testing. These transducers can measure all wheel forces and moments on motorcycles, passenger cars, ATVs, light duty trucks, heavy duty trucks, vans SUVs, Class 8 trucks, construction equipment, and agricultural equipment.

Bollinger Motors recently used our Wheel Force Transducers and instrumentation to perform durability testing on their B1, fully electric SUV. Our precision instrumentation allowed engineers to observe how the vehicle handles stress in a variety of trials. Recording movement within the vehicle creates valuable data that can be used to tweak designs and make impressions on the final product. Bollinger created tests to observe how the vehicle handled and performed in challenging situations and these demanding tests help engineers to determine the limits of how far their designs can be pushed. Improvements to design and construction can be made, following the analysis of tests, to ensure a reliable, functional, and polished final product.



Michigan Scientific is backed by 20 years in Wheel Force Transducer manufacturing and development. Our team can work with companies to ensure they are getting the most from tests and able to utilize data for polishing designs. In a world where customers expect the best, it’s important to be able to prove your product is just that. Contact a Michigan Scientific engineer today to find out more about how we can help you make the most of your testing.