Guest Blogger : MSC Wheel Force Transducers in South America

Today we have a guest blogger, engineer Scott Rhudy, writing about his recent experience at the OptimumG Vehicle Dynamics Seminar in Argentina. Lets find out more about Scott’s experience showcasing Michigan Scientific Wheel Force Transducers at this event.

About The Event

Michigan Scientific recently participated in the OptimumG Vehicle Dynamics Seminar held in Alta Gracia, Argentina. This event provided the opportunity for Michigan Scientific to show the capabilities of the Wheel Force Transducer and train participants in vehicle dynamics testing. Michigan Scientific collaborated with four partners to fully instrument a vehicle for tire characterization testing. The full report from this testing will be available soon and Michigan Scientific will make this report available on our website.

This test showed the versatility of the MSC Wheel Force Transducer system. Not only can the system be used for durability testing, but also a great tool for dynamics and tire testing.

Wheel Force Transducer Testing


During the seminar, three tires with varied internal constructions were characterized to determine the affect these variations had on the vehicle dynamics. The testing methods and results were shown to the attendees of the seminar to illustrate the value of wheel load and other instrumentation data. The test vehicle was instrumented with MSC Wheel Force Transducers to measure the wheel loads and other partners measured wheel position, ride height, slip angle and tire temperature using a variety of sensors. A series of controlled vehicle maneuvers were then performed with each tire construction and the vehicle data was recorded. The data from all of the instruments were processed using OptimumG software to characterize each tire. Results from this testing gave the tire and vehicle engineers a complete picture of how small changes in tire construction affect the total vehicle system.

Attendee Response

This event was attended by both experienced and novice Wheel Force Transducer users. During the demonstration process, attendees noted how easy to use the MSC Wheel Force Transducer system is and the other instrumentation companies were impressed by the complete reliability of the system.

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