Community Members Join MSC for Manufacturing Day 2018

We recently had the privilege of hosting students and community members for National Manufacturing Day. Visitors had the opportunity to take a tour around our Charlevoix manufacturing facility and learn about our exciting products. Strain gauging techniques were reviewed for Wheel Force Transducers and other load cells, along with an overview of slip ring assemblies and applications. Guests had the opportunity to see load cells working in real-time with our interactive arm wrestling machine. This interactive display allows the user to apply force to a steel arm, which is attached to the three axis load cell, and see their force input in three perpendicular directions.

It is important to show students and community members what manufacturing is – and what it isn’t. This was a great time to discuss the opportunities Michigan Scientific can provide those who may be interested in getting into the manufacturing field. It was also a time to examine the need for skilled professionals and the shortages that Michigan Scientific faces, in hopes to inspire younger generations to pursue opportunities in this industry.

If you are interested in joining the Michigan Scientific team, apply online on our Careers page.