Wheel Speed Sensor Instrumentation

The Michigan Scientific Wheel Speed Sensor instrumentation package is a highly accurate system used for many different automotive testing applications. From autonomous and electric vehicles, to heavy duty highway trucks, the Wheel Speed Sensor can be adapted to fit any vehicle. It is the ideal tool for measuring wheel rotation to calculate wheel speed, vehicle speed, and distance traveled.

Sensor Description

The assembly is easily and quickly mounted outboard of a vehicle. Its compact and light weight design consists of electronics in a rugged housing. The slip ring is attached to a wheel plate and mounted on the customer wheel using collet lug extensions. The adapter plates and collet lug extensions come in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet any standard wheel dimension. A Magnetic Vehicle Stator Restraint and restraining rod is used to hold the stator in place while the sensor is being used on the vehicle. Due to the nature of testing, the Wheel Speed Sensor has been designed to be very rugged and can accept rotary seals, making it weatherproof and ideal for testing in rainy, snowy, or dirty environments. 


Like many of Michigan Scientific’s products, the Wheel Speed Sensor instrumentation package is designed to be used on a variety of vehicles in many different testing applications. It is the optimal tool for  determining how far a vehicle has traveled, how fast the vehicle or wheels are going, and how fast the vehicle is accelerating. The output signals from the Wheel Speed Sensor are used for analysis in acceleration and braking tests as well as ABS testing. This is crucial when determining the tractive contact a vehicle has with a surface during vehicle development. These systems are commonly used during autonomous and electric vehicle development and weather testing in standard customer vehicles. Having an accurate measurement of wheel speed and distance traveled is also important for mapping for vehicle GPS and navigation systems. Wheel Speed Sensors provide reliable measurements to aid in vehicle innovation.

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