New Product Alert! | New Wheel Force Transducer Model – LW65

For over 60 years, Michigan Scientific Corporation (MSC) has made amazing strides in the process of improving great products, so that they can better serve our customers. We are excited to announce a new model of Wheel Force Transducer (WFT), the LW65. With the introduction of our new model, MSC hopes to create an improved experience for our customers.  

What is new with the LW65?  

LW65 Wheel Force Transducer

LW65 Wheel Force Transducer

The LW65 WFT is capable of measuring all moments and wheel forces on SUVs, passenger cars, light duty trucks, or the vehicles of similar chassis. Delivering operation load data efficiently, our new model of transducer can provide accurate information in all environments, whether it is on the harshest of terrain, or in a controlled laboratory test setting. 

The LW65 will feature higher capacities for testing with a radial load capacity of 14,500 lb (65 kN), a lateral load capacity of 7,850 lb (35 kN), and a moment capacity of 7,700 lbf∙ft (10.5 kN∙m). Overall, this new WFT will be able to accurately measure vertical, lateral, and longitudinal forces as well as camber, steer, and torque moments. 

MSC is excited to be the only WFT manufacturer with swappable slip ring or telemetry options. This capability for swappable slip ring and telemetry systems allow for extremely versatile signal conditioning. The option to use an integrated slip ring and amplifier, or a wireless telemetry system, also provides ease and convenience for any application. 

Laboratory Simulation

LW65 Wheel Force Transducer can be used for road-to-lab simulation.

Whether preforming road to lab correlationdurability testing, chassis analysis, and so much more, the robust LW65 will be there to assist in the industry’s ever-evolving needs.

To learn more about our new Wheel Force Transducer model, contact a Michigan Scientific representative today!