Advancement in Wheel Torque Transducer Technology

ISO-9001 CertificationMichigan Scientific Corporation (MSC) has some exciting news regarding the Wheel Torque Transducer product line. In addition to the Wheel Force Transducer, the design, manufacturing, and calibration process of the MSC Wheel Torque Transducer is now ISO 9001 certified! We are excited to be able to offer our customers the confidence of knowing that the Michigan Scientific quality management system for the Wheel Torque Transducer has the prestigious ISO 9001 certification.

The Michigan Scientific Wheel Torque Transducer is incredibly reliable, giving users the assurance that they will not be slowed down by maintenance or poor customer service. In addition to a generous warranty, Michigan Scientific provides quick calibration services for all Wheel Force and Wheel Torque Transducers that complies with ISO 9001 requirements and all reference measurement equipment is traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Our Wheel Torque Transducers are the ideal tool for measuring wheel torque with extreme accuracy. These precision transducers are useful for gathering data in brake systems, vehicle stability, and driveline development. Michigan Scientific has the widest range of Wheel Torque Transducers; from passenger cars to heavy duty trucks, there is an MSC transducer for any vehicle. Michigan Scientific’s model TWHR2000 is the optimal tool for measuring low torque values for the purpose of studying parasitic losses such as; rolling resistance, brake drag, aerodynamic drag, and bearing drag. Knowing these values is crucial for analyzing CO2 emissions and fuel consumption in highway trucks.

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