How Slip Rings Are Used to Measure Torque

Not all testing situations have to be complicated. Some of the most useful tests actually have a simple set up. Michigan Scientific end of shaft slip ring assemblies are commonly used in simple tests to measure torque in a pulley system.

Slip Rings in Drive Belts

A simple test set-up can be used to measure torque in a number of different products that have engines, or belt driven systems. A common application is to use an end of shaft slip ring in combination with an accessory drive belt pulley, also called a serpentine belt. From vehicle alternators and air compressors, to tractors and air conditioners, a slip ring assembly is a great way to get torque measurements from the drive belt. 

An accessory drive belt is used to drive one or multiple devices at one time in an engine. Since the drive belt is crucial in transmitting power to multiple engine components, it is essential that it functions correctly. Drive belts are often found in frequently used equipment, such as cars, aircraft, agriculture equipment, compressors, and pumps. It is important for engine operation that the drive belt is tensioned properly in order to increase mechanical efficiency.

In the past, it was common for engines to have individual belts for individual components. Now, the multiple belts have been replaced by a single belt, the drive belt. If the drive belt were to fail, many other components would also fail as a result. This is why it is critical that the drive belt is operating properly and efficiently.

Slip Ring Signal Transmission

In order to measure the torque on the drive belt, strain gauges are placed on the rotating on the rotating pulley. The signal from the strain gauges is transmitted through the slip ring assembly. The wires are then routed to a data acquisition system in order to transmit the signal.

Michigan Scientific end of shaft slip ring assemblies are the first choice in transmitting the rotating signal from the drive belt to the stationary DAQ. With low electrical resistance variation and a rugged construction, the S-Series and Short S-Series slip ring assemblies are a reliable and accurate way to measure torque in a drive belt.