New Product Alert! | TrueSlip Sensor

At Michigan Scientific Corporation, we are always looking for new ways to improve our existing products or create new products. Michigan Scientific is excited for the release of our new Slip Angle Sensor, the TrueSlip Sensor. The TrueSlip sensor can be installed on a large variety of vehicles for improved vehicle dynamics testing.

The TrueSlip sensor is compatible with Michigan Scientific Wheel Force Transducers, providing comprehensive information on the relationship between a vehicle tire and the surface of a road. The sensor outputs signals via CAN.

Michigan Scientific TrueSlip Side Slip Sensor with Michigan Scientific Wheel Force Transducer

Michigan Scientific TrueSlip Sensor with Wheel Force Transducer

TrueSlip measures slip angle with high accuracy. The sensor optically measures the longitudinal and lateral velocities of the surface below it. TrueSlip slip angle measurements include the true SAE defined slip angle, the arctangent of the lateral velocity divided by the longitudinal velocity.

Slip angle measurements aid in understanding the relationship between the direction in which a vehicle is oriented and the direction in which it moves. Slip angle measurements evaluate tire performance by comparing the direction in which tires are pointing to the direction in which they are traveling.

Mounting to the wheel of many different vehicle types, the TrueSlip sensor can meet the demands of a wide variety of vehicle dynamic tests. The sensor is a great tool in tire testing, ADAS testing, and autonomous vehicle testing. The sensor is able to operate under any lighting conditions. TrueSlip is equipped with internal infrared lighting, keeping the surface illuminated in the sensor’s optical frequency. With an IP67 rating, TrueSlip works well on dry roads, wet roads, and dry icy roads.

To learn more about the new TrueSlip sensor, contact a Michigan Scientific representative today.