TrueSlip Slip Angle Sensor


  • Slip Angle Sensor
  • ≤ 0.1⁰ Resolution
  • Mounts on wheel or vehicle body
  • CAN signal output
  • Works in a variety of road conditions
  • Non contact optical sensor
  • IP67 rated


The Michigan Scientific TrueSlip sensor is a highly accurate and versatile Slip Angle Sensor. TrueSlip optically measures X and Y velocity and internally calculates slip angle. TrueSlip works accurately in a variety of road conditions and all lighting conditions. TrueSlip is a critical tool in vehicle dynamics testing, tire testing, and ADAS testing.

The TrueSlip sensor can be installed on the vehicle body, on a wheel, or in conjunction with Michigan Scientific Wheel Force Transducers.


Slip Angle measurements are important for vehicle dynamics testing to know the direction in which the vehicle is oriented in relation direction the vehicle is moving. Slip angle measurements are critical in evaluating tire performance to compare tire pointing direction to tire direction of travel on varying road surfaces and road conditions.

The TrueSlip Sensor was designed with a variety of vehicle dynamic tests in mind. The Sensor works in all lighting conditions. Its internal infrared lighting keeps the surface illuminated in the sensor’s optical frequency, regardless of sunlight conditions. It is ideal for use on dry roads, wet roads, and dry icy roads. With an IP67 rating, TrueSlip is ready for testing in all conditions. 

TrueSlip can also provide engineering data that will give insight into improvements in ADAS and autonomous vehicle technology by testing these vehicle systems and correlating the vehicle’s internal sensors in relation to the direction of travel with respect to vehicle heading. It measures the true SAE-defined slip angle. 


TrueSlip Sensor Demonstration