Guest Blogger | Michigan Scientific Products in Asia

Today we have a guest writer, Engineer Jake Len, reviewing his recent tour around Asian countries to discuss uses and applications of Michigan Scientific Corporation (MSC) products.

Testing Instrumentation in India

Michigan Scientific engineers recently went on a trip to India and South Korea to catch up with past, current, and future customers. Due to India’s rapid rate of expansion and innovation it was important to meet with customers to learn how to better serve their needs and help them gather some much-needed information. Companies such as Mahindra and TATA motors were in the spotlight as engineers and technicians explored the uses of Wheel Force Transducers, Slip Ring Assemblies, Load Cells, and other custom transducers to meet their agricultural and passenger vehicle development needs. These devices are crucial in vehicle development to get accurate force, temperature, and other sensor measurements. The LW-MC-3.5K Wheel Force Transducer is the ideal tool for motorcycle and scooter development, a booming industry in India. Michigan Scientific works closely with representatives from Wise Vehicle Testing Solutions.

Wheel Force Transducers in South Korea


Michigan Scientific’s LW12.8-50-TEL Telemetry Wheel Force Transducer

After touring around India, MSC engineers traveled to South Korea to meet with other customers and to attend the Automotive Testing Expo in Seoul, Korea. They had the privilege to spend two days training and assisting Hyundai engineers on the use of MSC Telemetry Wheel Force Transducers. Michigan Scientific takes pride in the close relationship customers have with the developers of all products. Full customer support is offered with MSC Wheel Force Transducer packages. The engineers worked closely with the whole Hyundai team to understand their needs and answer any questions. Test runs took place on Hyundai’s durability track where Michigan Scientific engineers were there to help with any set-up, testing, and data analysis before heading to the Automotive Testing Expo with representatives from Trion.

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