Model LW-MC-3.5K Motorcycle Wheel Force Transducer, 6-Axis


  • 3,500 lb (15.5 kN) radial load capacity
  • 1,200 lb (5.3 kN) lateral load capacity
  • Measures 3 Forces and 3 Moments
  • Wireless Telemetry and Induction System CAN, Analog, and Ethernet signal outputs
  • Adapts to 11” and larger motorcycle wheel
  • Low cross axis sensitivity
  • Temperature compensated
  • Remove wheel without removing electronics


The LW-MC-3.5K Wheel Force Transducer (WFT) is capable of measuring all of the wheel forces and moments on a motorcycle wheel. It provides independent output signals for vertical, lateral, and longitudinal forces as well as camber, steer, and torque moments. It is completely weatherproof making it ideal for testing in any weather conditions.

The Telemetry electronics, Induction Power electronics, and Magnetic encoder wheel are packaged into the transducer to create a low profile and durable assembly.

The CT2-TEL Transducer Telemetry Interface Box performs real-time coordinate transformation and cross-talk compensation, and outputs analog, CAN, and Ethernet signals. An embedded web page allows the user to configure the WFT System.



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