Using Wireless Telemetry for Jet Turbine Measurements

Michigan Scientific Corporation (MSC) Wireless Sensor Telemetry Systems are ideal for non-contact signal transmission in harsh conditions. Telemetry systems can be configured for a wide array of thermocouple- and strain gauge-based applications, providing accurate and dependable wireless data transmission. Available with either battery or induction power, each programmable telemetry package stands as a versatile and easy-to-install tool.

MSC Telemetry Systems are compact and rugged; well-equipped to handle extreme conditions seen in a vehicle powertrain. With a small and light weight design, MSC Telemetry Systems transmit signals in rotating applications with limited space. Inversely, large applications can also benefit by using wireless telemetry systems, like turbine systems in jet aircraft.

Jet Turbine Applications

It is crucial for aircraft turbines to have components that work well in severe environments. As the demand for turbines to exert more power grows, it is important to test these components accurately and regularly. A telemetry system can help to measure the maximum power potential without degrading the performance of the turbine when it is incorporated.

The possibility of noise in temperature and strain measurements are prevalent due to the extreme nature in which jet engine turbines perform. To combat this, telemetry systems can be used with thermocouple and strain gauge amplifiers to provide dependable and accurate data transmission for blade strain and temperature measurements in jet turbines. By mounting the telemetry system to the rotating components, data about the operational parameters can be sent in real time to the technician. The collected data can be studied to identify high strains or temperature abnormalities.

As turbine technology progresses, the ability to collect data in high temperatures and harsh environments is needed to improve jet engine turbine performance. If you are interested in learning more about how MSC Wireless Sensor Telemetry Systems can improve your testing, contact a Michigan Scientific representative today!