The Advantages of Thermocouple Amplifiers in the Medical Industry

MSC Thermocouple Amplifier Technologies 

For decades, Michigan Scientific Corporation (MSC) has been an industry leader in developing thermocouple amplifier products for testing in the automotive, agricultural, and military equipment industries. As the medical technology sector grows and advances, MSC is well-poised to provide precise, accurate temperature measurements for emerging healthcare equipment manufacturers. 

The Medical Industry

Ever since it was known that the state of a person’s temperature had a direct correlation with his or her health, thermal sensing equipment has been one of the most effective early detection technologies that have been employed by medical professionals. Thermocouples are now used in implants, probes, external sensors, and a host of other medical devices. The implementation of these products allows medical experts to see how they can better improve the lives of patients. 

Thermocouple amplifiers serve to reduce signal noise and increase the measurement accuracy of temperature readings obtained by thermocouple sensors. This is something that can be of use within the medical industry, as all medical instruments need to be precise and accurate to give an accurate diagnosis. By reducing the signal noise of the temperature reading, data obtained by different medical equipment can be better served to see how the technology interacts with the human body. 

The Automotive Industry

Currently, Michigan Scientific offers many varieties of thermocouple amplifiers, including the MicroTC, which is a thermocouple connector and amplifier in one, compact unit. Since data from automotive testing can be expressed in the milli- or even microvolt range, the ability to filter out ambient noise becomes a major asset. For example, measurements that are obtained from testing with a slip ring assembly can include a large amount of ambient noise, burying the temperature readings. When connecting a thermocouple amp, the temperature readings become much clearer, and can allow the technician to accurately use the data to perform important vehicle measurements. 





Thermocouple Amplifiers Improving Safety 

As the strive to create improved safety in precision medical equipment and vehicles is ever present, MSC’s goal is to help in this endeavor and to create top-quality testing equipment. By reducing noise and clarifying outputs, thermocouple amps can be a huge asset to both the automotive and medical industries. Today, where technologies are becoming increasingly complex, this early detection will become very important as it will improve safety and save customers time and money. 

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