State of the Art Machine Shop

Michigan Scientific Corporation (MSC) wasn’t always the state-of-the-art machine shop and assembly facility that it is today.  MSC grew from humble beginnings in the home basement of our President, Hugh Larsen over 60 years ago.  Since the basement workshop, MSC has grown to over 120 employees and 25,000 square feet of machine shop. 

High-Tech TurningManufacturing3.0

Today, MSC is equipped with high precision turning equipment capable of machining parts as big as semi-truck rims!  Four HAAS ST-40 lathes and their operators work hard turning sets of custom rims that pair with our Wheel Force Transducers (WFT) to adapt to all types of vehicle applications from four wheelers, to tractors, and bigger.

A fleet of smaller CNC lathes produce parts for our expansive line of slip ring assemblies that range from four to 100 connections for use in nearly any environment and application. 

Modern Milling

The MSC milling department has a variety of HAAS machines with 4 axis motion to most efficiently and precisely machine parts.  Control boxes are all machined in-house, like the Coordinate Transformation 2 (CT2) box that pairs with WFTs to transform transducer coordinates to vehicle coordinates as it spins.  Almost all turned parts from the lathe department make their way into milling for finishing touches.

Precision EDM Machines

The most cutting-edge part of our machine shop is the Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) work centers.  They run around the clock making cuts in transducers that are impossible with any traditional machining equipment.  Though this specialty machining comes at a cost, it allows us to produce the highest quality transducers on the market with improved accuracy and minimal crosstalk.

Care and Quality

Because quality is paramount at MSC, the shop is equipped with a highly accurate Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM).  This gives the ability to quickly and precisely measure all machined parts.  With this added quality inspection throughput, MSC products will continue to have the best-in-market performance.

It’s a far cry from back in the days of Mr. Larsen making slip rings in his basement, but we are pleased to be constantly improving facilities and equipment to help us keep making the same great products and solve new application inquiries from our customers!