Power Take-Off (PTO) Torque and Speed Measurements

Understanding the amount of torque being transferred through the power take-off (PTO) shaft is crucial for developing a tractor’s transmission and effectively utilizing the vehicle’s power. Michigan Scientific offers PTO Transducers to measure both torque and speed of a PTO shaft with no modifications to the machine or implement. 

The PTO Telemetry Transducer’s splined ends can be removed and changed to accommodate alternative PTO splines. This transducer can fit the agriculture standard spline types; Type 1, 2, and 3. The PTO Telemetry Transducer has an integrated telemetry and encoder system.

The PTO2 Torque Transducer can be made in various PTO standard sizes. This transducer has an integrated B4-2W/E60 Slip Ring and encoder system. There are several options available for PTO2 depending on your application and budget. The B4 Slip Ring is available in a weatherproof or non-weatherproof version and is also available with or without the encoder system. Signal conditioning with analog output and a display is also available by adding the Michigan Scientific Transducer Display Module (TDM).