Gary Peters Visits Michigan Scientific Corporation

Michigan Scientific Corporation, Charlevoix Branch

Charelvoix, MI- United States Senator Gary Peters stopped by the Michigan Scientific Corporation’s (MSC) Charelvoix branch as a part of his RideMI motorcycle tour. Senator Peters, a member of the Democratic Party, expressed the importance of small businesses and their role in the backbone of the American economy.

The Michigan native-born offered the unique opportunity to participate in a short Q&A with members of the MSC staff after briefly touring the facilities. The importance of domestically produced goods as well as automation and the future of the automotive industries were only a few key points brought up. “Companies like Michigan Scientific are making groundbreaking discoveries and developing innovative technologies, but they need access to skilled workers in order to continue leading the way in these thrilling advances,” said Senator Peters.  “I’m working to strengthen federal investments in training the next generation of engineers, designers, and researchers so Michigan and the United States can lead us into the next frontier of innovation.” Last year, Senator Peters was a key member in the writing and passing of legislation to expand educational opportunities for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields as well as legislation to support the development and testing of self-driving vehicles. The Senator expressed the importance of self-driving vehicles, highlighting their significance in bringing job opportunities back to the US.

“Michigan Scientific is making instruments that are at the forefront of some of the most exciting new developments in automotive innovation,” said Michael Castiglione, Vice President, Michigan Scientific Corporation. “We thank Senator Peters for his work to promote innovation in the automotive industry, and his legislation to strengthen education and workforce training in high-tech skills that will prepare today’s students to be our future employees.” Michigan Scientific specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality Slip Ring Assemblies used for a multitude of different application types. Because of the high strength and ensured accuracy over other competitors and other methods, MSC Slip Ring Assemblies are helping self-driving cars become safer and more reliable.

As a leader in the engineering and scientific community, Michigan Scientific was honored to host Senator Gary Peters for the afternoon and thank him for taking the time to visit. To learn more about excellence in engineering, contact a Michigan Scientific Engineer today!