Attending Automotive Testing Expo Europe | June 5-7, 2018

We are excited to join over 400 companies at the 20th Anniversary of the Automotive Testing Expo 2018 Europe in Stuttgart, Germany on June 5-7, 2018. To see our latest innovations and to learn more about our exciting product lines, please visit Booth 1034 in Hall 10 at Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH. The show opens at 10:00 am on Tuesday, June 5. 

With over fifty years of expertise in the design and manufacturing of testing equipment, we have grown to have a vast international presence. We specialize in the production of standard and custom slip ring assemblies, wheel force and wheel torque transducers, three axis load cells, strain-gauge based transducers, signal conditioning electronics, wireless telemetry, and fiber-optic systems. Thanks to an enduring commitment to research and development, Michigan Scientific equips companies with reliable, innovative solutions for automotive testing.