Model BA-T-1.2W Weatherproof Tubular Slip Ring Assembly


  • Ideal for automotive half shaft
  • Mounts on shafts up to 1.2″ in diameter
  • Optional 60 pulse encoder
  • Built-in strain gage amplifier
  • Rugged stainless steel construction
  • Permanently lubricated bearings
  • Instrumentation quality rings and brushes
  • High level signal output


Michigan Scientific’s BA-T-1.2W Weatherproof Slip Ring Assembly is ideal for applications that require a slip ring to be mounted directly on a rotating shaft. Designed to make long-term, all-weather (not submersible), torque measurements on automotive half shafts, the BA-T-1.2W can be used in other applications with shafts up to 1.2 inch diameter. The slip ring sealing system protects against water spray, grit, dust, mud, slush, and snow.

A major feature of the BA-T-1.2W is its built-in strain gage amplifier located on the spinning side of the slip ring. This arrangement greatly improves the signal quality of the system by reducing errors due to long lead wires, connector resistance variations, and electro-magnetic interference.

Four of the seven slip ring circuits in the BA-T-1.2W are used to power and control the built-in model AMP-SG1-M1 amplifier (see AMP-SG1-M1 for features and specifications). Two additional ring circuits are used to transmit a high-level data signal. The seventh ring is for use with an optional configuration that utilizes two built-in amplifiers to provide two high-level data signals. Connections from the strain gage bridge to the amplifier are made via color-coded solder terminals located on the slip ring rotor. Each slip ring assembly includes a 15 ft stator cable with a protective rubber boot for the connector at the slip ring; electronics to power and control the built-in amplifier are sold separately.


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