MicroTC-* (Replaced 02/2022)

New, Updated MicroTC Product Page


  • Thermocouple connector and amplifier in one small unit
  • Nonlinear thermocouple input signal is converted to linear output voltage
  • Input signal is amplified to 5 mV/ °C
  • Cold junction compensated
  • Units available in K-type
  • Signal bandwidth 2.35 kHz
  • Dual supply (MicroTC-D) or single supply (MicroTC-S) options available


The MicroTC-* Linear Thermocouple Amplifier is Michigan Scientific’s smallest thermocouple amplifier package. A standard miniature male thermocouple connector plugs directly into the unit, and solder terminals on the back allow easy connection for power and signal. A thru-hole in the center of the unit allows it to be mounted to a surface or tied to the mating connector.

The amplifier provides cold junction compensation and amplifies the thermocouple signal to a linear 5 mV/°C over a measurable range of -50 °C to +400 °C. The measurable range expands to -200 °C to 1360 °C with the use of post-processing polynomials. The amplifier accepts a wide power supply range, and separate configurations are available for dual or single power supplies.

The MicroTC-* is available in configurations for dual-supply (MicroTC-D) or single-supply (MicroTC-S) power. Mechanically, these two options are identical except for the elimination of the V- terminal in the single-supply unit. Electrically, the single-supply unit cannot measure temperatures below 5 °C. The upper measurement limit is the same for both models.


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