New Product Alert! | Clamping Battery Telemetry

Michigan Scientific Corporation (MSC) is excited to announce the launch of our new Clamping Battery Telemetry (CBT)! MSC is constantly looking for ways to update existing products or create new, innovative products. The new CBT brings our reliable MSC telemetry to a new convenient package.

Clamping Battery Telemetry-mini Mounted on Half Shaft with strain gauge

CBT-mini Mounted on Half Shaft

Our new Clamping Battery Telemetry (CBT) is a wireless, battery powered, signal transmitter for strain gauges that easily mounts to shafts with a minimum diameter of 25mm (1 inch), making it ideal for shaft mounting and very versatile. Our telemetry provides reliable signal transmission without interference or signal spikes. The CBT can conveniently be strapped to any shaft with load rated plastic zip ties, steel banding, or hose clamp. MSC telemetry can be set up for strain gauge or thermocouple inputs. The telemetry digitally transmits the signals via RF in the 2.4 GHz broadcast frequency range. The CBT has small, rugged housing and is designed for hostile environments.


Clamping Batter Telemetry (CBT)



We offer two Clamping Battery Telemetry models: the CBT and the CBT-mini.

The model CBT-mini is ideal for half shaft measurements or any shaft torque measurement. It is a 1 channel system and is small enough for limited space applications. Battery life for CBT-mini is 15 hours with rechargeable or 28 hours with single use batteries. 

The model CBT can be set-up for 1 or 2 channels, has programmable gain, and re-chargeable battery life up to 48 hours. It is ideal for applications where two channels are required. For example, measuring both torque and thrust on a drive shaft.


To learn more about the new Clamping Battery Telemetry, contact a Michigan Scientific representative today.