Michigan Scientific Interns in Milford

This summer at the Milford facility of Michigan Scientific Corporation (MSC), we have three interns from Michigan Technological University. Yannick Christensen, our electrical engineering intern, and Andy Finch, our mechanical engineering intern, are returning for their second summer in Milford. This is the first year that the Milford location has a Scientific and Technical Communication intern; I, Corey Daly, joined the team for that position.

Position Overviews

This summer the Milford facility of Michigan Scientific hired interns for the following positions: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and scientific and technical communication. These fields work together to create quality and innovative products. The engineers design and troubleshoot the product. The technical communicator creates documentation that helps the employees build the product and the customers use it. They can also help with marketing, branding, content management, and public relations.

The Intern Experience

Andy and Yannick are two returning interns this summer, and they are both going into their last year of college. Being the only interns in their fields has presented them with many learning opportunities as well as a few challenges. Overall, Yannick enjoys the independence of being a one-person team. He has had the opportunity to try his hand at coding work this year since he is the only intern available to do it, saying, “Prior to this summer I had never touched python and had only minimal experience with C/C++.” He expressed, “Both of these were a challenge for me to learn, but I was really looking for experience using them and am glad I got it.” Andy spoke about how he missed having a peer to bounce ideas off of but is using the opportunity to collaborate with the professional engineers and technicians.

Yannick designed an in-house signal tester, and he has also continued to develop a Volumetrics CompRatio unit. Andy says two of his favorite projects involved “implementing a data acquisition system for our torque calibration machine” and “rebuilding a slip ring demonstration for customers.” He found these projects unique because he said they “involved planning out wiring and electronics,” which he does not normally get to do as a mechanical engineer. Although he found that aspect interesting, Andy emphasized, “I also really enjoyed getting to physically build the systems.”

This is my first year at MSC and I have taken to the position with excitement. I have been able to grow my design skills as well as my technical writing skills by making product brochures. While I enjoy the design side of the work most, everything has been a valuable addition to my skillset.

A Trip Worth Taking

Michigan Scientific interns in Milford

(From left to right) Yannick Christensen, Corey Daly, Andy Finch

All Michigan Scientific interns in Milford expressed appreciation for our visit to the Charlevoix, Michigan location. The trip that took place in July was an opportunity for the interns to see the other facility. After hearing about the location where a majority of the manufacturing is done, finally being able to see it in action was very exciting. We were also able to meet with our counterparts in Charlevoix and have a peer review of all the intern projects.

When the summer ends, Andy, Yannick, and I will be heading up to Michigan Technological University once again. The beginning of another school year means representatives from Michigan Scientific will be attending career fairs where they hope to find talented students to intern and possibly find a career with the company. Michigan Scientific hires electrical, general, computer, and general engineering students as well as scientific and technical communication (STC) and IT interns. The Michigan Tech Career Fair takes place in Houghton on Wednesday, September 25, 2019.