Long Lasting Slip Ring Technology

Finding the right instrumentation for a testing project can be difficult. Finding the right instrumentation that will last a long time can be even more challenging. Michigan Scientific (MSC) offers precision instrumentation for a variety of applications, as well as reliable customer service. It is crucial that customer tests are not delayed or impacted because of faulty instrumentation or poor customer service.

Michigan Scientific stands by the quality and workmanship of all MSC equipment. Because of this, MSC offers a one year warranty on slip ring assemblies if there is an issue with the product workmanship. Additionally, Michigan Scientific inspects returned slip ring assemblies, free of charge, and recommends any cleaning or maintenance. This regular maintenance helps increase the life of the slip ring assemblies and decrease any downtime during testing.

Real Example

MSC was reminded again of the importance of continuing to produce quality instrumentation with reliable customer service. A B4-2 Tubular Slip Ring Assembly, shown in the image above, recently came back for inspection after being in the testing field for 18 years! It was put through years of rigorous testing on agriculture equipment. Since the customer had returned the slip ring for regular cleaning and inspections, it operates like it did 18 years ago, giving accurate and dependable signal transmission during in-field testing. 

About the Slip Ring

Tubular Slip Ring Assemblies are a versatile product that are used to make connections to strain gauges, thermocouples, ICP accelerometers, RTD’s and other sensors in rotating applications. The Tubular models mount over a shaft, and are ideal for applications where an End of Shaft Slip Ring Assemblies cannot be used or space is limited. The B4-2, specifically, mounts onto shafts up to two inches in diameter and provides four slip ring connections. All tubular assemblies are available with an optional encoder. 

To learn more about which slip ring assembly is best for your testing application, contact a Michigan Scientific representative today.