Employee Spotlight on International Women’s Day: Laura Larsen

Here at Michigan Scientific Corporation (MSC), our motto is “Excellence in Engineering.” We are very proud of the products we send to customers and our solutions to their problems. However, when it comes down to it, the Michigan Scientific employees are the true driving force behind our innovation and success.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we caught up with Laura Larsen, one of our incredible female engineers. She is an integral part of our engineering team, who are constantly striving towards providing innovative solutions to our valued customers.

Laura’s interest in engineering started when she was young. She has always loved math and took physics early as a high school student, because she was excited about the subject. It wasn’t until she had a conversation with her Aunt that she seriously considered engineering. She has always been surrounded by male engineers, but was inspired by her cousin, who is another female engineer. She remembers thinking, “if she can do it, so can I!”

This lead her all the way up to Houghton, Michigan, to attend Michigan Technological University. After graduating with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and with a minor in Theater Arts in 2012, Laura began working full-time at our Milford location in 2013. Prior to starting as a full-time engineer, she was a successful candidate in our ever-growing internship program. Michigan Scientific hires many college students during the summer to work on various engineering and design projects.

During the many years that Laura has contributed her talents to projects, she has worked on a number of telemetry-based applications, involving transducer design and telemetry electronics packaging. She loves designing custom split collar telemetry housings. Through project innovation and product design, Laura has built relationships with customers all over the world and across countless industries. She works closely with customers in India and China, and believes that keeping a global perspective is crucial to remaining on the cutting-edge of industry.

She continues to stay motivated through her current projects and explains that, “there is something very gratifying about being able to create something tangible; to hold something physical, that was only an idea in your head before you ‘put pencil to paper.’ ”

Laura is excited about her future with Michigan Scientific. She is eager to continue down the path of innovation and to provide customers with reliable solutions as the automotive world progresses. At Michigan Scientific, Laura wears many hats, and enjoys close interaction with all other employees. She hopes to continue to make MSC a good place to work for current and future employees.

Outside of her exciting career, Laura enjoys spending time with her animals, including a dog, a cat, and countless chickens.  During the summer, she is able to enjoy fresh vegetables from her own garden.