Check-In at MTU Career Fair

Today we had the chance to catch up with Abigail Johnson, an engineer who is recruiting at Michigan Technological University’s Spring Career Fair. Michigan Scientific is looking for many qualified candidates for both our Charlevoix and Milford facilities.

Abigail is a Michigan Tech graduate who came to Michigan Scientific after graduation. She works mostly on custom slip ring projects at the Charlevoix facility.

Let’s learn more about how her time at the Career Fair is going.

Q: How does it feel to be at your alma mater?

A: It is great. I think Michigan Tech is a very valuable school, with many opportunities. It is always good to be back in the Keweenaw.

Q: How is the crowd at Career Fair?

A: The energy is very high. There are a lot of extremely intelligent candidates and great companies all under one roof.

Q: What makes Michigan Scientific stand out against all of the other companies at Career Fair?

A: There are a lot of very wonderful companies here, and it is an honor to join them. I think the team that we have here is really great for recruiting. We’re all from Michigan Tech and excited to be here. We’re a friendly bunch of people, who just honestly want to get to know the students.

Q: Do you remember what it was like to be looking for a job at Career Fair?

A: It wasn’t too long ago that I was in their shoes. I remember that I was very nervous. I felt like I only had a couple minutes to really sell myself to potential employers. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to completely sell myself to them.

Q: How did you get over your nerves?

A: Honestly, just classic deep breathing before walking up to recruiters, and remembering that they are people too. I was just trying to have a conversation with other people.

Q: Tomorrow begins the interview period. What advice do you have for people who are new to interviewing?

A: Again, I think it is just important to remember that the recruiters are just people too. We all have lives outside of work and may have something in common with the candidate. It is best to treat the interview more as a conversation, rather than just a Q & A interview.

Q: What are you looking for tomorrow during interviews?

A: I think we’re pretty open to talking to many different people. I don’t always look at grades at Career Fair, or weigh them as heavily as someone’s willingness to learn, and how their attitude and personality would fit into the MSC culture.

Q: When did you know that you wanted to work at Michigan Scientific?

A: I had a few interviews the day after Career Fair. Some were great and some were not-so-great. When I interviewed with Michigan Scientific, it felt like I was just talking to a group of friends and I just felt very comfortable. They didn’t put a huge amount of pressure on the interview, and I felt like they genuinely wanted to get to know me both as a student, and as a person outside of work or school. It also helps that I was interested in the products and the company structure.

Q: Are you going to get a pasty?

A: I hope so! Nothing beats a genuine U.P. pasty.

Q: One more follow up question; are you going to bring any pasties for the rest of us?

A: I will definitely do my best.

If you missed us at Career Fair, check out our Careers Page to apply.