Advancement in Force and Torque Calibration

ISO17025 force and torque calibration for transducers

Michigan Scientific Corporation has always helped customers produce the best test results by providing precision measurement equipment. We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our products. By certifying our force and torque calibration, we have taken the next step in ensuring the consistent accuracy our customers need.

We are proud to announce ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation for Force and Torque Calibration!  Our customers can be confident with their test results knowing that our tests and calibrations meet this ISO standard. Our force calibration process utilizes our in-house screw press and our patented Transducer and Calibration and Test machine (TCAT). This equipment is used to calibrate compression and tension forces of multi-axis transducers for a variety of our products. Our torque calibration process utilizes our in-house torque machine. Many of our clockwise and counterclockwise torque tests use this equipment. 

Our multi-axis Wheel Force Transducers (WFTs) are able to be quickly and reliably calibrated using our TCAT. The TCAT applies loads with linear actuators and measures the load through the transducer via reaction links. The TCAT can simultaneously apply and record all six degrees of freedom (three forces and three moments). Each WFT is calibrated in conjunction with it’s unique electronics package. Our Wheel Torque Transducers (WTTs) are calibrated with our in-house torque machine. The torque machine calibrates single-axis torque transducers. It applies axial torque loads and measures this load with a variety of torque reference transducers. ISO 17025 certification for our calibration process means users can be more confident than ever in our products. Currently our certification applies to our WTTs up to the TW15.0 with a 7,000 lb-ft (9.5 kN-m) capacity and our WFTs up to the LW65 with a 14,500 lb (65 kN).

If you would like to learn more about our products that have been calibrated, contact a Michigan Scientific Engineer today.