Steering Wheel Torque Transducers

The development and testing of a vehicle’s steering system can be improved and verified through the measurement of steering torque and steering angle using steering wheel transducers. Tests can be done in both the laboratory setting and during normal use. The SW-SR2 and SW-TEL are Steering Wheel Torque Measurement Systems that replace or mount to the vehicle’s original steering wheel and mount to the splined steering shaft. The video below describes the installation of these measurement systems:


SW-SR2 Steering Wheel Transducer

The SW-SR2 Steering Wheel Torque and Angle Transducer has the option of mounting to the existing vehicle steering wheel or to replace the existing steering wheel by mounting directly to the splined steering shaft. Additionally, the SW-SR2 is a strain gauge-based sensor made from high-strength stainless steel and is fully temperature compensated. The steering angle signal is generated from a high-resolution inductive encoder. Furthermore, the SW-SR2 has a ±1440 degree multi-turn encoder and both analog and CAN outs. The SW-SR2 utilizes a high-quality Michigan Scientific slip ring assembly for signal transmission. The torque transducer and steer angle sensor are powered and controlled by a Michigan Scientific DIGI-STEER Control Unit.



steering wheel transducer


SW-TEL Steering Wheel Transducer

The SW-TEL Steering Wheel Torque Transducer mounts to the existing vehicle steering wheel or replaces the existing steering wheel. A precision transducer sends signals wirelessly with far field telemetry. The telemetry package is battery-powered, creating a compact, low-profile assembly to measure torque. Similar to the SW-SR2, this transducer is made from high-grade stainless steel material and it is temperature compensated, ensuring stable output throughout a wide temperature range. The SW-TEL only measures steering torque, while the SW-SR2 measures both steering torque and steering angle. The SW-TEL is more simple to mount and install since it does not have a position restraint.