SW-SR2 Steering Wheel Torque and Angle Transducer


  • Accurately measures steer effort torque and steering wheel angle
  • Optional 100, 200, 300 N·m torque capacity
  • Mounts to OEM steering wheel or steering shaft
  • Maintains normal steering function**
  • Simple suction cup mounting of anti-rotation steer angle restraint
  • Analog output for torque and steering angle
  • CAN output for torque, steering angle, and steering rate
  • ± 1440 degree Steering Angle Encoder


The SW-SR2 Steering Wheel Torque and Angle Transducer is capable of measuring the steering wheel torque, steering angle, and steering velocity on a full range of vehicles. SW-SR2 has a ±1440 degree multi-turn encoder and both Analog and CAN signal outs.

The SW-SR2 has the option of mounting to the existing vehicle steering wheel or to replace the existing steering wheel by mounting directly to the splined steering shaft. The airbag should be disabled during SW-SR2 testing. The SW-SR2 has convenient mounting of the anti-rotation restraint of the steering angle sensor. The anti-rotation restraint for the steering angle sensor can be easily mounted to the windshield of the vehicle with the provided suction cup restraint.

The SW-SR2 is a strain gauge based sensor made from high strength stainless steel and is fully temperature compensated. The steering angle signal is generated from a high resolution inductive encoder. The SW-SR2 utilizes a high quality Michigan Scientific slip ring assembly for signal transmission. SW-SR2 comes with a dedicated electronics box that provides both Analog and CAN signal outputs, and well as provides a zeroing function.

*Preliminary Datasheet

**The airbag should be disabled when using the SW-SR2. Also note that the mounting bracket may block some buttons on the steering wheel.



Installation and Demonstration of SW-SR2 Steering Wheel Torque and Angle Transducer

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