SW-TEL Steering Wheel Torque Transducer


  • 100 lb-ft (135 N-m) torque capacity
  • Mounts to wheel or shaft spline
  • Wireless Telemetry System
  • Easy installation
  • Measures steering torque
  • Analog outputs


The SW-TEL Steering Wheel Torque Transducer is capable of measuring the steering wheel torque on a full range of vehicles and uses the same bolt patterns as common racing steering wheels.

The telemetry package is battery-powered, creating a compact, low-profile assembly to measure torque. This transducer is made from high grade stainless steel material and it is temperature compensated, ensuring stable output throughout a wide temperature range. The SW-TEL is easy to mount and install since it does not have any position restraint. It is the ideal instrument for in-vehicle testing.


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Last Modified: Jun 30, 2023 @ 11:33 am