Data Collection and Road Load Data Acquisition

Vehicle and Component Durability Test Development

Road load data acquisition (RLDA) is used to record the forces, motions, accelerations, torsion, etc. that a vehicle experiences on public roads, proving grounds, and simulators. This provides engineers with the necessary data for developing reliable and durable components and vehicles. Engineers can use this data for specifying product requirements, computer analysis, lab testing, efficiency, and road testing.

Data Collection

Michigan Scientific instruments products to help companies improve their durability and reliability. This is done by collecting data for product, component, or system development. Data collection can take place during specialized tests or while in the hands of customers to better understand the actual product usage in the real-world environment. We have collected RLDA data on public roads and at various proving grounds. We have also collected this data with actual users during normal operation of the product for a few days or as long as 2 years, to get the seasonal effects on the usage.

Michigan Scientific has collected this type of data on various products, such as motorcycles, cars, trucks, farm/construction equipment, and even locomotives. In addition to standard internal combustion engines, we also have experience with electric vehicles. We collect this type of data on products as small as lawn mowers or as large as wind turbines.forklift_tractor_electric-vehicle_road load data acquisition

Custom Design For Road Load Data Acquisition

To collect data we can install custom transducers and gauging, such as Wheel Force Transducers, three-directional ball joint transducers, chassis twist measurements, component temperatures, strain gauges on components of interest, etc. Michigan Scientific also has experience collecting data directly from onboard computers, such as CAN channel data for vehicles. We can collect many data channels, such as speed, accessory usage, GPS location, door usage, etc.

We can design and build custom transducers for each product and can research and obtain the data recording devices. In some cases, we design and build custom instrumentation devices. Michigan Scientific has expertise in providing a complete instrumentation solution for reliability and durability tests. Michigan Scientific can gauge OEM components, offers and develops solutions for transferring data, and creates custom DAQs to suit customer needs.vehicle instrumentation rlda testWhen we collect the data on actual owners. Instruments do not affect the usage of the product and are out of sight. It can automatically send data directly to us about product usage. The owner uses the product as they normally would during this data collection period.

Development of Product Tests

Michigan Scientific Corporation can help customers develop tests for their products using the data we collect during usage. The test can be a simple lab test or as complete as a road test that contains all usage and environmental effects seen in the real world. We have experience in determining what data will be useful and can help guide customers in understanding what they need and why they need it. We have worked with various proving grounds in the USA and are very familiar with Millbrook Proving Ground in England.