Engineering Design Services

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

TORQUE WHEEL EXPLODED VIEW (COLOR)CAD workstations allow projects to be taken from concept to machine drawings. In addition, Michigan Scientific utilizes several software packages to perform extensive engineering analyses.




Finite Element Analysis (FEA)


Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is used to optimize transducer designs for sensitivity and strength. FEA is also used to evaluated automotive components for potential application as load measuring transducers.




Printed Circuit Design


We have experience in computer aided design of multiple layer printed circuit boards. Our CAD system supports the complete process of design and layout of complex printed circuit boards including:

  • Schematic entry with simulation capability
  • PCB component auto-placement
  • PCB manual and auto-trace routing
  • Gerber file generation with full check plot capability and NC drill file generation
  • Bill of materials listing
  • Forward and backward design annotation

Our staff has experience in testing the PCB to verify that it was manufactured to specifications. We have the capability to populate the PCB with components from the bill of materials list and have facilities to test the final product in various environments while collecting test data for processing and analysis.

Metallurgical Laboratory


Michigan Scientific Corporation conducts studies on precious metal contacts concerning wear life, contamination and connection quality. We have experience in precious metal sliding contact failure mode determination and problem correction.




Software Development


Much of the software utilized by Michigan Scientific is developed in house from decades of experience and expertise. We develop custom software for data analysis, GUI development, and hardware interfaces.


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