Model BPFT3 Low Profile Brake Pedal Force Transducer


  • 500 lb (2200 N) capacity
  • High accuracy for on and off center loading
  • Fits standard brake pedals
  • Rugged construction


The Michigan Scientific Low Profile Brake Pedal Force Transducer 3 (BPFT3) is a precision strain gage based transducer. It attaches directly onto a vehicle’s brake pedal quickly and securely by removing the rubber pad from the vehicle’s brake pedal and tightening the single retaining bolt to the padless pedal. Designed to accommodate the brake pedal size of most manual transmission equipped vehicles, the low profile and size closely duplicates the shape and feel of a production brake pedal, while adding minimal height and weight. It features high accuracy for both on-center and off-center loading.


Last Modified: Jun 26, 2017 @ 8:53 pm