FO-ALS & FO-SR-04 EM Hardened Analog Light Transmitter System


  • Range of 1 lx to 10,000 lx can be measured
  • Two different sensitivities available
  • 1.5 kHz Bandwidth
  • 390 nm to 700 nm wavelength sensitivity range
  • 60 hours of operation with 3-AA alkaline batteries


The FO-ALS is used to measure changes in illuminance for a wide range of light sources. With wide range of 1 lx to 10,000 lx; dome lights, indicators, and even hi-beam head lights can be measured. The two sensor channels to the FO-ALS have different sensitivities. This allows for a large dynamic range and sensitivity for low light levels. The FO-ALS has shielding and custom input filtering to provide high immunity from electromagnetic interference (EMI), electromagnetic pulse (EMP), or high voltages associated with plasma research. This allows for rigorous electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing/engineering. The FO-ALS is validated for EMC up to 200 V/m (46 dBV/m) at 500 kHz to 18 GHz and 600 V/m (pulsed 5 % duty-cycle, 5 μs rise-time) 1G Hz to 2.5 GHz.


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