TDM, Transducer Display Module


  • Precision low drift bridge excitation supply of 10 Volts
  • Powers resistive bridges of 250 Ω and greater
  • Precision, low noise, differential amplifier
  • Externally adjustable gains of 50.02, 99.04, 197.08, 394.7 V/V
  • Amplified signal is at high-level voltage
  • Wide signal bandwidth (20kHz standard)
  • Shunt calibration resistance of 100kΩ
  • Peak detect/hold feature


The TDM Transducer Display Module is designed to provide a quick-read display for the output of strain-gage based load cells and transducers. It provides bridge excitation and signal amplification and calculates loads for display in pounds or Newtons. A shunt resistor is provided for calibration, along with external adjustments for offset, sensitivity, and gain. The peak detect feature allows for the temporary storage and recall of maximum and minimum values.

Refer to the literature in the Technical Notes section for a wiring schematic of an individual amplifier and recommended wiring techniques when using multiple amplifiers.


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