AMP-TC Series Modular Spinning Thermocouple Amplifier


  • Available with 1 to 9 thermocouple amplifier channels
  • Cold junction compensated
  • High level voltage signal output
  • Signal is equal to 10mV per degree Celsius
  • Available in all thermocouple types
  • Input signal can be grounded or isolated
  • Pilots on SR series slip ring rotors
  • Amplifiers are stackable for multi-channel use


The Modular Spinning Thermocouple Amplifiers are designed to mount on the rotor (spinning side) of all Michigan Scientific SR series slip rings. Superior data accuracy is achieved by locating precision amplifiers on the rotating side of the slip ring. This configuration greatly improves signal quality because the amplifier is located closer to the sensor which reduces errors caused by long lead wires, connector resistance variations, electro-magnetic interference, and temperature gradients across slip ring contacts.

These Modular Spinning Thermocouple Amplifiers provide amplification for one to nine thermocouple channels. For applications that require more than nine channels, the amplifiers may be stacked or arrayed around an adapter plate.

Refer to the literature in the Tech Notes section for wiring schematics of these amplifiers.




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