AMPEH2-HS Twelve Channel Strain Gage Spinning Amplifier


  • Integrated weatherproof slip ring and amplifier assembly
  • Highly accurate, low drift, differential input
  • Remote positive/negative shunt calibration
  • Remote bridge excitation On/Off capability
  • Designed to withstand severe vibration
  • Factory set gain, excitation voltage and shunt resistor values per customer specifications


Michigan Scientific’s Twelve Channel Strain Gage Spinning Amplifier provides signal conditioning for up to twelve channels of strain gage data channels. This system is ideal for use on heavy duty rotating equipment. Superior data accuracy is achieved by locating the signal amplifiers on the rotating side of the slip ring. This configuration greatly improves signal quality because the amplifiers are located close to the sensor, which reduces errors due to long lead wires, connector resistance variations, and electro-magnetic interference.

Each amplifier gain, bridge excitation voltage, and shunt calibration resistance can be independently set at the factory according to customer specifications. Features include remote positive/negative shunt calibration and bridge excitation on/off. All electrical components are sealed from the environment and suspended in a rugged enclosure designed to protect the components from vibration.The Twelve Channel Strain Gage Spinning Amplifier is ideally suited to be used in conjunction with Michigan Scientific’s model PS-AC-BF16 Amplifier Control and Filter System.


Last Modified: Aug 30, 2017 @ 8:10 am