AMP-SG-U2 Series Modular Spinning Strain Gage Amplifier


  • Highly accurate bridge excitation
  • Provides high level voltage signal output
  • Externally adjustable shunt resistance
  • Externally adjustable gain
  • Precision low noise differential amplifier
  • Remote bridge excitation On/Off capability
  • Remote shunt calibration capability
  • Pilots on SR series slip ring rotors
  • Amplifiers are stackable for multi-channel use


The Modular Spinning Strain Gage Amplifier is designed to mount on the rotor (spinning side) of all Michigan Scientific SR series slip rings. Superior data accuracy is achieved by locating the signal amplifier on the rotating side of the slip ring because the amplifier is located closer to the sensor, reducing errors due to long lead wires, connector resistance variations, and electro-magnetic interference.

These Modular Spinning Strain Gage Amplifiers incorporate a precision low drift bridge excitation supply, a stable differential amplifier, and a remotely activated shunt calibration resistor for system span verification.

Each amplifier module provides strain gage bridge excitation and amplification for one channel. For multiple channels, the amplifiers may be stacked or arrayed around an adapter plate. Refer to the literature in the Technical Notes section for a wiring schematic of an individual amplifier and recommended wiring techniques when using multiple amplifiers.


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