AMP-SG-MH Series Strain Gage Amplifier


  • Precise single channel miniature amplifier
  • Provides high level voltage signal output
  • Externally adjustable shunt resistance and gain
  • Remote bridge excitation On/Off capability
  • Remote shunt calibration capability
  • External mounting bracket available


Michigan Scientific’s AMP-SG-MH Strain Gage Amplifiers are ideal for applications where signal conditioning is needed and space is limited. They are designed to provide signal amplification prior to passing the signal through a slip ring. Superior data accuracy is achieved by locating the signal amplifier on the rotating side of the slip ring. This configuration greatly improves signal quality because the amplifier is located closer to the sensor, which reduces errors due to long lead wires, connector resistance variations, and electromagnetic interference.

These strain gage amplifiers incorporate a precision low drift bridge excitation supply, a stable differential amplifier, and a remotely activated shunt calibration resistor for system span verification. Each amplifier provides strain gage bridge excitation and amplification for one channel. Multiple channel configurations are available.

External mounting brackets for mounting the amplifier to flat surfaces and shafts one inch in diameter or larger are available. 


Specially designed mounting brackets for the AMP-SG-MH are available. These mounting brackets are ideal for mounting the amplifier to flat surfaces and shafts one inch in diameter or larger. They can be easily and securely mounted with bolts or screws, hose clamps, or wide cable ties for a clean and quick mounting solution. Using the mounting bracket eliminates the need for messy adhesives and it traps the amplifier in all six directions.


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