Advantages of MSC’s Wheel Force Transducer Amplifiers

D2, D3, D3X Amplifier Background

The current generation of Wheel Force Transducer (WFT) Amplifiers from Michigan Scientific prioritizes time efficiency, minimizing downtime, and offering enhanced data to users. The D2 WFT amplifiers are compatible with CT2 User Interface Boxes and feature an internal bi-axial accelerometer that measures accelerations in the X and Z directions up to 100 g. Meanwhile, the new D3 & D3X WFT Amplifiers are compatible with CT3 User Interface Boxes and are equipped with an internal tri-axial accelerometer that measures accelerations in the X, Y, and Z directions up to 100 g. Any D2 Amplifier is upgradable to a D3 or D3X Amplifier, with the primary distinction between D3 and D3X amplifiers being the slip ring model they pair with.

Wheel Force Transducer Amplifiers with Slip Ring

Removable Smart Sensors

Each D2, D3, & D3X type Wheel Force Transducer Amplifier is furnished with a removable Smart Sensor, containing all calibration information, recent zero values, and test set-up selections. Swapping out the Smart Sensor is as straightforward as changing a SIM card in a cell phone. Moreover, all D2, D3, & D3X amplifiers feature universal digitizing amplifier circuit boards compatible with any Michigan Scientific WFT. The unique information applicable to each transducer is stored within the removable Smart Sensor.

Our customer-centric design aims to minimize potential downtime for our global clientele. In the event of a WFT issue stemming from the amplifier, another amplifier of the same housing size can be seamlessly substituted without a reduction in accuracy. Michigan Scientific and its international sales and service partners maintain a supply of ‘Spare’ amplifiers for such instances.

To utilize a spare D2, D3, or D3X amplifier, detach the smart sensor from the problematic amplifier by removing the two #4-40 screws with a 3/32 inch Allen wrench, then extract it from the amplifier base. Next, install the Smart Sensor into the Spare amplifier following the same procedure as removal, ensuring the serial number of the Smart Sensor matches that of the WFT. The Spare amplifier can be utilized with the WFT in place of the original amplifier without sacrificing accuracy.

D2 and D3 Amplifiers have proven instrumental in avoiding significant downtime for customers on multiple occasions. Michigan Scientific and its international sales and service agents have been able to provide a Spare amplifier the next day, which was quickly installed, and accurate testing was able to resume.

Wheel Load Amplifier with Smart Chip for calibration and internal acceleration

Internal ± 100g Accelerometers

D2, D3, & D3X Amplifiers share identical internal MEMs-based Accelerometer components rated to ± 120 g. Michigan Scientific currently restricts its output to a ±100 g range, which encompasses nearly all customer applications. These accelerometers feature an internal 1000 Hz (-3 dB) low-pass filter. Leveraging WFT Amplifiers’ internal Accelerometers provides users with additional valuable information at no extra setup time or cost. The accelerometer outputs are available on both the CAN and Analog signal outputs.

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