Custom Multi-Axis Load Cells

Custom Multi-Axis Load Cells: Solutions for Your Measurement Needs

Michigan Scientific Corporation (MSC) designs and manufactures custom load cells to meet unique force and torque measurement needs. MSC employs some of the world’s most experienced and creative engineers and physicists in the field of the design of Multi-Axis Load Cells. With our extensive expertise and innovative approach, we are confident we can deliver a solution that will work for your application. 

MSC Standard Multi-Axis Load Cells and Adaptation

Michigan Scientific has been designing and manufacturing Multi-Axis Load Cells for over 30 years. We currently manufacture 17 different standard models of Six Axis Load Cells and 14 standard Three Axis Load Cell models. Many of these standard Multi-Axis Load Cells are kept in stock for quick delivery times.

When you bring a measurement application to MSC, our engineers will review your application with you to determine whether a standard Multi-Axis Load Cell can be used. If a standard load cell solution is possible, MSC will recommend which load cell model and some mounting concepts that will meet your project requirements. In addition to the load cell, MSC can quote the entire system design and provide all necessary mounting adapters. 


Meeting Unique Requirements with Custom Solutions

For some applications, a standard solution is not the best choice or even possible, so a custom load cell should be considered. When a project requires a custom solution, MSC engineers will work with the customer to define their requirements including, the number of measurement axes, load capacity, size limitations, accuracy, and quantity of load cells. Design concepts will then be proposed based on the information provided. MSC can design load cells compatible with clean, medical industry standards to highly corrosive industrial environments, with IP67 protection being attainable for many applications. MSC has provided both standard and custom load cells for many industries including automotive, military, heavy equipment, agricultural, aircraft, industrial, energy generation, and ship development.  Michigan Scientific will design and manufacture custom load cells for any quantity.

Six Axis Calibration Capabilities

MSC has one of the world’s largest Six Axis Load Cell calibration stands, capable of calibrating load cells up to 667 kN force and 203 kN ∙ m moment. If higher calibration loads are required, larger calibration fixturing can be built. Our calibrations are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Working with Michigan Scientific

MSC will provide a free consultation to determine a system price and a basic design proposal.  After receipt of the PO or contract from a customer, the proposed design will be modified through direct consultation with the customer until a final design is approved. 

To set up a load cell consultation, please fill out the Contact Us page.