Model F50, F100 Load Cell with Overload Protection


  • 50 lb and 100 lb capacity
  • Overload protection to 5000 lb
  • Highly accurate
  • Temperature compensated
  • Rugged construction


Michigan Scientific’s Load Cell With Overload Protection is ideal for compressive loading applications that require both high resolution measurements up to 50 or 100 lb and overload protection up to 5000 lb. These load cells are typically used in manufacturing operations where large overload forces exist. For example, they monitor bearing pre-loads in machines that set bearing pre-loads for large inertia parts. Both the F50 and F100 models provide one channel of data.

The F50 and F100 models are made of high grade aluminum material which provides excellent resistance to corrosion and environmental conditions. Weatherproofing is available for applications operating in severe environmental conditions. Temperature compensation of the transducers ensures stable output throughout a wide temperature range. In addition, the transducers are configured for easy adaptation to a variety of applications.


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