Model TR1D-SL1 Shift Lever Peg Transducer


  • 100 lb Capacity
  • Overload protection
  • Environmentally protected
  • Temperature compensated
  • Rugged stainless steel construction


Michigan Scientific’s TR1D-SL1 Shift Lever Peg Transducer was originally designed for use on motorcycles. The peg measures bidirectional applied loads along the axis of the engraved arrow on its outboard end. A positive strain gage bridge output is obtained from radial loads applied in the direction of the engraved arrow. Sensitivity of the transducer remains constant for load applied anywhere along its length from outboard to inboard ends.

The transducer is designed with internal mechanical stops for the gaged beam elements. This protects them from being damaged (yielding) by an overload condition. The strength of the peg’s mounting thread sets the maximum radial load capacity.

High grade stainless steel material and weatherproof sealing combine to provide excellent resistance to corrosion and environmental conditions. Temperature compensation of the transducer ensures stable output through a wide temperature range.

A shielded 4 conductor cable exits the transducer in a radial direction at its inboard end. The transducer is normally installed so that the cable points towards the front of the bike. The cable is then looped around and routed along the back or bottom side of the shift lever. Cable ties and fusion tape are then used to secure the cable.


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