Split Collar Telemetry & Induction System TEL-SC


  • The Split Collar Hoop has a built in telemetry and induction power system
  • Hoops can be made to fit shafts with diameters of 0.9” (23mm) and larger
  • Digital wireless link provides accurate error free data transmission
  • Integrated strain gage or thermocouple drivers with differential amplifiers
  • Slim, low profile design
  • Single or multiple channels available


The Split Collar Telemetry and Induction System is a reliable, convenient, and accurate way to get signals off of rotating shafts. TEL-SC is a non-contact system that allows the users to remove the system without modifying or disassembling larger shaft ends. The TEL-SC has all of the long term testing advantages of an induction system without having to make a custom induction system for each shaft. The TEL-SC can be moved and mounted to a different shaft of the same diameter or a smaller shaft with the use of bushings. Thus, the TEL-SC can be made to fit a wide variety of shafts. It can fit larger diameter drive shaft and small diameter half shafts. It has a slim profile, with a radial thickness as small as 0.475 inches.

The TEL-SC can be purchased in conjunction with Michigan Scientific’s strain gage and calibration services, or purchased alone to accompany customer installed sensors.

The TEL-SC utilizes Michigan Scientific’s M-320 Series Digital Telemetry. Split Collar Hoops below 3” in diameter are limited to 3 channels. Larger Split Collar hoops are able to incorporate higher channel counts. Please contact the factory for details.



Last Modified: Jul 27, 2021 @ 10:03 am